Juice Therapy is our line of cold pressed, raw and organic juices, nut mylks, and chia beverages that aim to provide people with a variety of quality beverages that are packed with plant based nutrients and superfoods to help people thrive. The idea is to make plant based nutrition more accessible and easier to obtain for the busy every day individual.

Infused with Passion and Science

Beyond being cold pressed, raw and organic, what sets this company apart is the fact that founder Stephanie Tucci has combined her comprehensive nutrition education, culinary training and her own health experiences to ensure that all beverages meet the highest nutritional standards while being something that is delicious. During her own healing journey juicing played a major roll in getting her back to health, which is why we are committed to delicious flavour, high quality and nutrient dense products.

What’s all this jazz about Cold Pressed?

Cold-pressed juice is made when fresh fruit and vegetables are gently pressed to extract the most nectar from their pulp and fibre. Rather than blending or grinding the action of pressing won’t oxidize or degrade the fruit and vegetables and helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. There is no heat or high speed motors that can hinder the nutrients from each fruit or vegetable. By using a cold press method of juice extraction, the end result is pure, raw, fresh juice that is filled with living enzymes, vitamins and minerals!

Note: that being raw, unpasteurized and cold pressed our juices are best consumed within 72 hours for ultimate freshness and flavour.


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