What’s Our Story

Fuel Up With Food is about going beyond the typical stereotypes of what “health food” is, and turning it into something easy and delicious that the everyday person could happily apply to their own routine. We value our products for the ease of convenience, it’s nutritional components, and delicious flavours making this a simple way for people to fuel their body without any added stress or worry. For the working individual, working parent, athlete or those who wish healthy living could be easier, consider Fuel Up With Food to be the one stop shop. It’s not about labels or what lifestyle you choose to follow, we are a company that focuses on bringing whole and highly nutrient dense goods to the community with a strong emphasis on plant based nourishment.

What’s Our Mission

The mission of Fuel Up With Food is to teach people how to fuel the body efficiently so that they may live every day feeling their absolute best. All it takes is one small step to change your health and that first step can be as simple as one green juice a day. We are about combining fundamental education and delicious health supportive cuisine to help people jump on the road to vibrant health.



Eat Real Whole Food

Simply put, food that nature provides with all its natural edible parts. The food we consume should still contain all the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and it’s nutrient composition. We should strive to eat food that is not messed with and void of strange fillers, weird gums, by products or any synthetic ingredients and stabilizers.

Eat Fresh Food

Produce that is vibrant, full of colour and water while avoiding mushy items with brown spots or discoloration.  Avoid under ripe produce because that means it was picked too far in advance (bananas are a true exception – they must be picked green.) There are some exceptions to frozen items: peas, berries, herbs, breads, butters and animal protein all freeze well.
HYDRATE your life
Don’t forget to hydrate with clean pure water, without the addition of weird flavour packets. Sip on water daily to improve hydration and the body’s natural detoxification system.

Count Ingredients, Not Calories

Let’s choose quality over quantity: the quality of the calories and the type of ingredients we consume weighs more heavily on the quantity of calories. If we can’t understand the ingredient list, our body won’t understand it either.

Make Plants Center Stage

Yes that’s right, stop making the vegetables your side dish! Who said they couldn’t be the main attraction?  Your days of eating boring vegetables should be over.

Embrace Fat

Erase any notion you have that fat “makes us fat.” Incorporate the good and keep out the bad for optimal health as our cells, hormones and brain tissue are made up of fat. Embrace cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, good quality organic butter and ghee.

Wise Protein

Always pay extra attention to the type of protein you consume. If you consume animal protein, it must come from the best quality sources you can find. Look for grass fed/grass finished, pastured meats and dairy, organic and cage free eggs and poultry and wild seafood. Avoid conventional factory farmed meats where animals are surged with hormones, antibiotics, fed GMO food pellets and corn.

Ditch the Gluten

For all those celiac warriors, gluten sensitive butt kickers or the everyday person who wants to prevent or decrease inflammation – I highly suggest throwing the processed gluten to the curb.

Touch of Sweetness

A little sweetness never killed anyone, however too much is basically a welcome sign for disease.  Sugar point blank is not good for anyone, however if we sweeten wisely we won’t feel so deprived. Choose better options like coconut sugar, raw honey, and maple syrup. Remember though, sugar is sugar so even though these are better options, still consume wisely.

Eat Deliciously

At the end of the day, if you are not enjoying what you eat you will never stick to your health plan. Food needs to nourish the body and comfort all your senses! If it’s not delicious chances are, you probably won’t eat it.