Breakfast Glory.

IMG_9136Nothing like a bowl of morning granola with fresh Vanilla Mylk. This  homemade, gluten free pear and blubbery granola makes breakfast that much more delicious.

Java Done Right

IMG_9164Perfect way to top off your coffee, next level coffee as we like to call it.

People’s Church


Just a reminder: We are at People’s Church Farmer’s Market for the next 3 weeks. 9 – 3 pm Friday’s at 374 Sheppard Ave E.

Morning Reboot?


The A.M Aid is your ultimate morning reset button. Maybe it was that extra sushi roll from dinner or one two many glasses of sangria, the A.M Aid has your back.

Glow On!


The Chia Glow, helping you glow from the inside out. Perfectly hydrating and perfectly replenishing!

Perfect Snack Duo


This was the snack of choice, when our beloved cherries were in season! Now being september, figs or wild blueberries would be the fruit of choice.

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